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It was three days after Christmas, five years ago, and in his log farmhouse in the Ottawa Valley village of Killaloe, he was alone but for a telephone connection with his wife, Cherrylle. Dell wrote: I feel like holding you close to me like never before. And I’m all strung out on heroin on the outskirts of town.”Perhaps it was Traffic’s Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune; Something to make us all happy. If we don’t get back together we maybe shouldn’t see each other very much. After the legal arguments of the defence were made and certain evidence was found inadmissable, there remained only a circumstantial case for the Crown to argue: it drew upon not only the days immediately surrounding Mr. No one to say, ‘I saw her put the poison there.’ No one to say, ‘I saw her give him the tainted booze.’But there was a mountain of evidence that showed the depth of Mrs. That much was plain, defence lawyer Robert Selkirk contended. Dell, a life-affirming man who spoke of beating cancer so he would be there for his children, was slain. Dell had drunk himself to death, but unknowingly, persuaded to do the unthinkable by the only person in the world who held enough sway over him to make it happen. At 12, she got spinal meningitis, and was hospitalized for 10 months. Pembroke Crown attorney Peter Barnes contended that to understand Mrs. Dell falsely swore not only to having a university degree in psychology but also that the Dell farm had been bought with money she inherited from her grandmother. Other individuals would be expected to ignore their own feelings or needs in favour of her wishes… He would tell her that he would just be a little longer. Dell had hoped to have a night out on the town in Ottawa, but instead they decided to head home. In part, he was sorting out all the information doctors had given him about his options for cancer treatment. Dell was determined not to die, especially because he did not want his children to be fatherless.”I noted that he was really committed to surviving this illness for his children’s sake, and that really struck me,” said Dr. ”I was really impressed by his dedication and his commitment to getting better so he could be there for his children.”Contrary to the defence assertion that Mr. He was in the hospital and so anxious to get out so he could accompany his son to his first day of kindergarten, Ms.

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Fillmore, a 37-year-old Ottawa woman, was looking for a girlfriend, and had placed an RSVP alternative-lifestyle ad in the Citizen.”I hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time and I’d been hurting lots,” Ms. She received a few responses to her ad, but answered only one: Mrs.

Dell returned to her Boland Street home to welcome Ms. Dell looked on.”Cherrylle always seemed very sickly,” Mrs. ”She told me of a bone structural problem she had in her face… Dell’s farm, which she spoke of turning into a home for unwed mothers or a bed and breakfast. Dell spoke hatefully of her husband behind his back, she was sweetness and honey to him when they met or spoke on the telephone, Mrs.

Knott would come with her to dust, mop and straighten things out, as Mrs.

Before he said goodbye to his wife, he told her that he had a vision of her as an angel.”My angel spirit will take you to heaven,” Mrs. Although he did not know it, his body was becoming so acidic his heart and lungs would soon stop functioning. Before he could get into bed, he was on the floor, drawing into a fetal position. Even among the alternative community she embraced, the hippie-ish, New Age counterculture that so loved Killaloe’s back woods, she stood out. Dell was the woman with flowing, dark-red hair, high cheekbones and milky skin who wore a fur coat and high heels while running errands. Dell was the woman who took one lesbian lover and then another. ”When Cherrylle would say things to him that would hurt him, or … The day-to-day dramas were gruelling, and she said she wanted to end the relationship after three months.”I desperately wanted out,” Ms. ”I felt like my life was being totally completely consumed by all of her needs, all of the daily things that needed to be done … In fact, a psychiatric report ordered by family court in January 1994 concluded that, of the three adults in the Dell love triangle, Ms. He wrote: We forget all the time that our life is a gift that has been given us to enjoy not to waste.

With that, he put down his pen and telephone receiver, and went upstairs to bed. Her life was the stuff of soap opera, especially in the heart of the Ottawa Valley that she called home. Dell’s best friend, Elsa Steenberg, testified at trial. Dell for several more months because she cared about the Dell children. They were the only reason I remained in that relationship,” she said. Dell, telling her stories of sexual abuse, painting him as a monster.